Our Company, SAFATCO, is a well known and knowledge based company in SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PARK of YAZD city that has been established in 2007. SAFAT ENERGY Yazd has been established by partnership a group of managers and professional experts for supply and self-sufficiency to construction of parts and devices for industries, especially power generation industry, in Iran.

SAFAT ENERGY YAZD Co. forms with participation of managers and experts of electrical industry. This company is a reliable collection in field of power industry and petroleum industry in southeast of Iran. At the moment, TAVANIR organization tasked this company to be active in the field of construction and maintains of power plant bearings in south and southeast of Iran. Our company works in following fields and with experienced personnel and obtained certificates ready for mutual cooperation:

Beneficiary, Maintenance and Repair of Power Plant Units – Maintenance and repair of GEF5,6,9 gas turbines & v94.2 gas turbines, doing Interval Inspection & Major Inspection (Overhaul).

Design and Construction of Circular Parts and Equipments of Oil, Gas, Refining, Petrochemical & Power Plants Industrial – Parts and Equipments such as Bypass Valves, Fuel Nozzles, Liquid Fuel Flow dividers, Liquid Fuel Check Valves & Seal Kits and purge valves for GEF5, GEF6, GEF9 gas turbine units with one year guaranty at least, Thermocouples for industrial and power plant units, Frequency meter and  Volt meter for power  generation and transport centers, etc.

Construction and Reconstruction of Bearings – Construction and reconstruction of different Babbitt bearings up to 1100 mm in diameter by centrifugal  method according to following conditions: A) Melting damaged Babbitt , create a coating flux, re Babbitt , machinery and doing necessary tests base on ISO-4386. B) Standard ASTMB as a Babbitt supply reference. C) Doing machinery using CNC machine. D) Doing UT & PT Tests.


Supply necessary devices for industries and mines from famous universal brands and doing consulting for replacement out of service devices with high tech constructed devices – such as hot gas path parts for gas turbines, Control and instrument devices include control cards, servo valve and types of sensors, Consumable materials, etc.